emergency evacuation chairs

Storing Emergency Chairs

At the very heart of an emergency lies the fact that people do not know when it is going to come into fruition. Even though individuals do not know when such a problem will arise, they can certainly prepare for them. For some people, emergency evacuation chairs are major parts of their plans. They may lack the ability to safely descend the stairs without the use of an evacuation chair, so they must learn how to manipulate them and how to work with other people to safely go down the stairs. Not only must they develop suitable plans if an emergency happened, but they also must know where their equipment is.

Properly storing evacuation chairs is of utmost importance because people need to know where the chairs are. When an emergency happens, enough time to ask people the location of the chairs is often unavailable. Individuals need to act quickly, or they could find that their lives are threatened. That is why having a regular spot to store the emergency stair chairs is of importance. Also, the location needs to make sense. Keeping the chairs far away from the stairwell is not the best idea.

Also, people should consider the type of unit in which the chairs are stored. For example, if a fire breaks out in the building, people are not going to have the ability to use the elevator. However, if their chairs are in a wooden closet, they aren't easily going to get to them either. One of the most reasonable ideas is to keep the chairs near the people who need them. If they are in a building, they should keep them in their office; if they are in a health care facility, they should keep them in their rooms.

Also, individuals need to take the materials out of which the chairs are made into situation. For example, keeping a chair with wooden elements on it in a place that is damp is likely going to lead to the destruction of the unit. The chairs, if kept in storage, needs to be easy for people to reach if they need them. These individuals likely do not have a great deal of mobility, so the stairs should be stored toward the front of closet, not underneath or behind a great deal of heavy items that need to be moved out of the way to access the chairs. Keeping the needs of the people who use the chairs in mind is important when choosing where and how to store them.